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Why does the Natural Leather look different on each item I ordered?Updated 3 months ago

Natural leather can look dramatically different from one product to the next.

This leather is tanned without dyes or pigments. Since every cow is different, so is their skin. Some are lighter, some are darker, some have marbling (fat lines), some have scarring, etc. It all shows up and and is what makes every hide unique; it tells the story of each cow's life. And it's why we love working with it. Every product we make with it is truly unique.

Overtime this leather will develop patina and darken up dramatically. 

Check out this article we wrote about leather patina to get an idea how your leather will get better over time: https://www.popovleather.com/blogs/from-the-workshop/what-is-leather-patina

You'll see some great examples of before and after pictures of some of our leathers.

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