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Specific questions about our leather goods are answered here.

How do I properly size my belt?

For a perfect fit, measure the belt you wear now and use our belt sizing chart to help you. If you don't have a belt to measure, use your favorite pair of jeans and add 2" to their waist size. Or check out our handy video guide here:.

Why are my wallet pockets so tight?

We designed our wallets to have tight-fitting pockets for the cards initially, as the leather will stretch with use. If the pockets weren’t tight, the cards might fall out. However, it doesn’t take long for the wallet to conform to your cards, with t

Why do you sew by hand?

We sew all our goods by hand, and there are 2 very important reasons why:. Read more about why we hand-sew all our products.

What are natural markings on leather?

We use full-grain leather which is leather with the complete grain intact. The surface hasn’t been altered except (in almost all cases) the hair has been removed. Example of Scarring on Leather. This leather can include natural markings such as scarr

Will my item look exactly like the product pictures?

Please be aware that every roll of leather absorbs dyes differently and coloring may appear slightly different than shown in our pictures. Every monitor or phone screen is calibrated differently, exact color cannot be guaranteed. Our products are sho

Are your wallets RFID blocking?

We do not make RFID-blocking wallets, but we offer an RFID-blocking card that fits inside all our products. Meet the Wallet Gauntlet.

How do I put my book into your journal covers?

Here's how you can fit both sides of your book into our leather cover:. We made a quick video showing how you can easily get your notebook with elastic closure to work with our leather covers: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/aLS6RklErTk.

What's in your leather balm?

Our leather balm is made from triple filtered beeswax, a special formulation of seed oil and naturally occurring lipids. This conditioning compound is made by hand and uses only natural ingredients.

I have a great idea for a product, can you make it?

We love hearing about new ideas for products. Please let us know about your great idea here!

Do your products carry a Proposition 65 warning?

No. Our products do not have California warnings. The leather and metal hardware we use do not contain chemicals currently listed under the California Proposition 65 list.

The Money Clip no longer holds cash

Sometimes the spring bar clip will lose its "spring.". To troubleshoot this, just twist the top of the click clockwise. That should tighten the spring and fix it.

I've lost weight and want to add more holes to my belt, how do I do this?

If you'd like to add more holes to your belt, we recommend using a rotary punch tool, similar to this: https://www.amazon.com/Revolving-including-Screwdriver-Grinding-Saddle/dp/B06XRDBGY6/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=belt+rotary+punch&qid=1668540291&sr=8-1

What Pin Replacement Kit do I need for my Apple Watch?

If you're looking to replace a metal pin for your Apple Watch band, we offer them here. For sizing, please reference the following:

Why does the Natural Leather look different on each item I ordered?

Natural leather can look dramatically different from one product to the next. This leather is tanned without dyes or pigments. Since every cow is different, so is their skin. Some are lighter, some are darker, some have marbling (fat lines), some hav

My Wallet Went Through the Washing Machine, now what?

When a wallet, belt, or any other leather product goes through the washing machine, it will not damage or ruin the leather. The leather will have its oils washed out and need them replenished. We typically recommend massaging leather balm, neatsfoot

Why does my leather belt curve and mold to my body?

We often get asked about the natural shaping of our leather belts. Our belts are intended to adapt to your unique body shape, similar to how leather shoes conform to your feet. This custom fit is something we're proud of. Your leather belt will natur

Why don't you brand your products?

At Popov Leather, we believe in the elegance of minimalist design and letting the quality of our craftsmanship speak for itself. Our founder, Ryan, started this business with a vision to create products that are free from excessive branding, focusing