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What is leather patina?

Patina is the value that time puts on any object. Patina is what forms on natural materials such as wood, denim, canvas, metal, and stone. It’s a signature of high-quality items not normally found on their cheaper counterparts (think of big box store

How do I care for my leather goods?

Our full-grain leathers do not require initial treatment. However, we recommend applying leather balm if you plan on exposing our goods to the elements (ie. you like to hike with our book covers). All our leathers should be conditioned every 6-12 mon

How do I care for Shell Cordovan leather?

We would strongly recommend getting Saphir Cordovan cream and a nice soft cotton cloth for buffing. Our Cordovan products do not require initial treatment and get better with use. But if you want to buff your product to a nice shine, buy the above pr

Will my products look like the one in the pictures?

Please be aware that every roll of leather absorbs dyes differently and coloring may appear slightly different than shown in our pictures. Every monitor or phone screen is calibrated differently, exact color cannot be guaranteed. Our products are sho

What kind of leather do you carry?

We exclusively work with full-grain leather sourced from renowned tanneries such as Horween Leather Co., Wickett & Craig of America, and Seidel Tanning Corp.

Is your leather environmentally safe?

Many people consider the leather/tannery industry to be very bad for the environment with their use of chrome dyes and lots of tanning chemicals. We choose to work only with US-based tanneries that must comply with strict EPA regulations and safe wor