Do you do custom orders?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer customized products outside of what we offer on our website. 

There was a time when we loved taking on custom work, but it's no longer possible given how many hands touch every product we make. Up until recently, when we had a custom request (such as using a different font for engraving, different thread colors, removing a pocket, etc) things would often go wrong and we'd end up remaking the product and wasting material. As you can imagine, this causes a lot of headaches for both the workshop and for our customers. 

We have different teams in different areas of our shop: production (cutting & gluing), sewing, finishing, engraving, customer service, quality assurance and shipping. The same product will pass through many different sets of hands. And we work best when we can focus on what we know with our high standard of attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Unfortunately we cannot offer this same degree of attention to custom requests. 

However, we do encourage our customers to submit ideas for a new products here. And if there's enough interest we will introduce it!

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